Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mystery Pic

Hey everyone! This is a picture of my Grandfather's house that my Aunt sent to me after he recently passed. She says that she sees more than I do in the pic but there is definately something strange about it. Let me know what you guys think you see and I'll post what was supposed to be there in a later post. Thanks!

Alrighty! Sorry its been so long everyone! The picture above supposedly has my Grandfather's face floating below the "misty" light reflections. I cannot see it but if anyone else can, let me know!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fox Ridge Park 7/20/11

Fox Ridge Park- Daytime Investigation 7/20/11
            Fox Ridge is a fairly small park next to an Elementary school. The wind seems to get funneled through the trees that circle the park; creating a place where no tree or swing set seems to ever stop moving. Upon inspection of the swing that is supposedly haunted, I noticed for the entire time I was there that it never stopped moving around in the wind. The entire park sits in the middle of what appears to be a fairly new residential area. The ghost child that supposedly haunts this park is said to have died in a car accident (possibly involving a drunk driver) at or near the park. I mentioned this in my pre-investigation post and I still can find no proof that this ever happened. I’ve also come across websites that claim a woman was hacked to death with a hatchet at some point but again, no documentation can be found.
            I mentioned the plaques that sit at the base of some of the trees in my pre-investigation post. Of the fifteen that I found, none specify that it is dedicated to a child. However, on a side note to the more superstitious reader, as I walked the park counting the plaques I came to the thirteenth one and it was ripped from the ground (See photo). I really do not know what people are seeing at the park but whatever it is it didn’t show itself to me while I was there.
            The feel of the park is a little lonely but pleasant enough. It doesn’t seem to get much use though because while I was there, the only people that were there was a groundskeeper and a man with a large dog. The groundskeeper however, is a whole other story. While I was walking around taking pictures, he came up to me and asked me what I was doing. I identified myself and told him what I was doing and he reported to me that at dusk “shadows seem to move around under the trees” and “It’s like their playing tag with each other.” I guess all I can do for now is come back at night and see what happens…
            Upon review of my photographs, I realized that I just had picture after picture of a normal park. I came to my second-to-last picture of the perimeter of the park however, (next to the school’s fence) and I noticed in the background there is a shadowy figure next to the fence. It couldn’t be the dog that was with the man because for one, the dog was much bigger and on a leash and two, the man was across the park speaking with the groundskeeper. This may be evidence of the “Shadow People” that are said to haunt the perimeter of the park but whatever it is, I’m stumped. The original photo and a close-up are posted below. Enjoy!!
            -Moundhouse Dude

The missing 13th plaque.

                                                          Potential "Shadow Creature" photo

                                                             "Shadow Creature" close-up.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fox Ridge Park Daytime Investigation

I finally have enough free time to go and start the investigation at the park! I'm planning on going Monday July 18th in the early afternoon, so I'll have part one of my investigation up by some time next week. Later...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fan Page

The Paranormal Nevada facebook fanpage is up and running! Check it out and be sure to "Like" it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pre-investigation thoughts. Fox Ridge Park- Henderson, NV.

            The supposed “activity” going on at Fox Ridge Park consists of reports of a small, male child that haunts the swing set in the interior of the park. This is a pretty common type of haunting and seemed unremarkable until I found some reports which claim that if you get too close to the child his face twists into some sort of demon/devil form and then disappears. There are also reports of what are called “shadow people” that wander the perimeter of the park at night. From the research I’ve done on this location, (there really isn’t much information out there) the boy supposedly died in an accident with a drunk driver near the park and seems to appear in the early mornings between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. Despite my efforts however, I cannot corroborate the death of the child. There are “In Memory” plates at the base of the trees and plants at the park though so maybe looking at those could shed some light on that. Needless to say, more research must be done. The shadow people seem to appear throughout the day or night at random with no story for why they are there.  
           From the basic information on the park’s official website ( it says that the park closes at midnight, which means that going there after midnight is against the law. This was interesting to me and my thought on this is that maybe someone could have made up the child/demon story and then told everyone that it appears at a time that would make it really hard to actually investigate the claim because, seeing as from what I’ve read, the cops patrol this area frequently and you need permission from the state to go in after hours. Anyway, I plan on first going to the park during the daytime and then at late night in the near future. I’ll be taking some pictures and collecting other data as well. Wish me luck!
                                                -Moundhouse Dude

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Start of Something Cool...

The Paranormal. Most of us say we don’t believe but the truth is we are all interested in the subject. I, like everyone else, want to know what is going on in our world. Living in Nevada gives me an advantage to investigate claims of the paranormal as our fine state has been a hotbed of supposed paranormal activity since people started living here. I have lived and traveled all over Nevada and have learned from places like Virginia City and Las Vegas that people think the paranormal is all around us. I plan on investigating the claims of paranormal activity locally, starting with the “haunts” in and around the beautiful city of Las Vegas. Then I plan to branch out a little, working my way up the state through historic places such as Gold Hill, Beatty, Tonopah, and even the bigger cities such as Reno and Carson City. During my travel’s I’ll even try my best to shed some light on the UFO phenomena that seems to be growing in Southern Nevada. So, with that said, won’t you join me?
                                                                         -Moundhouse Dude